Press Relations

a2n offer a range of marketing services tailored to suit every company and every budget. Crucially a company’s news copy should reach as many people as possible across as many mediums as possible. Print copy is still read by many, but digital copy, by way of social media, is also important today as specifiers look to see what their peers think of systems and services offered by companies.

It is important that good, and well written ‘copy’ is provided with excellent photography and this is something that a2n can offer as a bespoke and cost effective service.

a2n have some very favourable packages for media services

Creative Services

a2n use the Adobe Creative Suite which allows design in Photoshop for picture editing, Illustrator for logo design and InDesign for creating high quality print brochures and shareable PDF documents.


Using WordPress a2n can offer website creation and email services for companies wishing to have presence on the net. Custom websites and landing pages can be created for events and/or campaigns.

For any of these service requirements please contact a2n to discuss.

Adrian Toon